It took courage, guts, and strength to brave the loss of her beloved father in late 2015. It was a bittersweet year for Hope Cassity, Nashville recording artist who has written countless songs about growing up with deeply southern roots, and haunting ballads about her father, who has always been her source of inspiration. The ball was swiftly rolling with her career, and her hard work gained her momentum while performing close to 200 dates a year including most of the major songwriter festivals in the Southeast. Cassity was featured on the cover of Regional Musician Magazine, earned two nominations for NCMA AWARDS (New Country Music Awards), took home the award for NCMA for Female Vocalist of The Year, and received unprecedented radio airplay for an independent artist. Her song “Closure” was the first songwriter cut recorded by the popular Indie Rock duo Penny Rae, and it became the single for their self-titled album. They subsequently recorded 5 more songs that Hope wrote or co-wrote on their follow up album “Two”. The videos for Cassity's songs the duo recorded aired on 40+TV networks nationwide alongside major label acts such as Blake Shelton and Lady Antebellum.

Hope had arrived for the hopeful singer-songwriter. Unfortunately, that May Cassity got a call giving her the troubling news that her father would not receive the life saving transplant he desperately needed. Raised to honor family first and be there for those she loved, Hope immediately put her dream on the back burner, all but halting any tour dates that were too far from her parents home. She moved back to the sleepy southern town where she was raised, Monroeville Alabama, and devoted all of her time to helping her father complete his bucket list. When he passed in December, Cassity was able to turn her pain into words and melodies that helped her heal. 

The process of validating and understanding those feelings through her writing led her to share some tunes with her friend Matthew Thornton of the Phoenix based Indie Rock band Vinyl Station. Collaborating and experimenting on songs that didn’t fit the cookie cutter Pop Country mold, Thornton began co-writing, critiquing, and developing production ideas for the songs. The two, an unlikely musical pair, developed a creative friendship that yielded a gutsy new brand of material from Cassity that will insist her fans listen with a new set of ears. They will forget that she once sang straight down the middle Country Rock, and quickly recognize that she is one of the most heartfelt songwriters, whose honesty and raw emotion bypasses genre boundaries.  She conquered soulful Folk Rock on her first record “Running In November”, then followed it with the success of her debut Country album “LIKE A MOVIE SCENE”. Now, Cassity is now exploring yet another mood for her fans to connect to. It’s not because she is having some sort of identity crisis, she is simply creating without boundaries while her versatility sings to anyone who listens. Her goal is not to re-work some watered down version of the same song you have heard ten times before. She’d rather hit you straight in the gut with what is real and honest. True to Cassity’s style there are no sugar-coated lyrics, or sun tan soaked melodies on this project, merely the story of a woman who has lived.  

Cassity openly admits that her perspective on music changed last year. “After you watch someone you love suffer, you realize how fragile time is. That there is so much more to life than chasing trophies, billboard charts, and striving to write hits. As a Daddy’s girl there was this part of me who wanted to win awards and be a big star to make him proud. Before he passed we had a really big cry together and he told me he was already proud of me, which deep down I knew all along. Those words he said that day have changed my view on everything in my life. Knowing I made him proud… I no longer wanted the same things for my life.  I’ve always loved music but I've been chasing a rainbow that seems to lead nowhere. I've been creatively frustrated feeling like I had to write something a certain way, or sound like "such and such" to please the crowd. I have finally allowed myself just to write these songs for the love of it and because of the powerful way that music helps me get through the day. I'm writing these tracks for those who aren't afraid to let down walls or be vulnerable. Those who don't mind hearing hard truths and honesty. Music can affect us all and connect us deep down. So if I write a # 1 hit well that is great… but if I don’t I hope whoever accidentally lands on my Spotify page hears “50 Years” and remembers the way their Grandma and Grandpa used to be. Perhaps they drop by a show and they hear “Dear Rosary” and find a little more faith that day. Maybe they stumble upon a YOU TUBE video and watch “Sting” and know that the pain of losing someone hurts but they aren’t alone. When  they hear “Hollow” I'd be thrilled to know that they turn the radio up loud and jam out stomping their foot to the beat.”  Cassity is approaching her songwriting craft with a completely unfiltered outlook and her listeners will hear the difference. 

Hope has started 2016 out with all the strength and courage she held in 2015 and then some. Having an “angel in the outfield” may have even helped her pick up her game. Only days into the new year, she commanded the stage in front of her largest coliseum audience to date at close to 30,000. She then embarked on a 7,000 mile solo acoustic tour/soul searching journey across the country to regroup, refocus, and record tracks on the new project with Thornton in Phoenix. She is currently working on booking tours, speaking engagements and working on some exciting things for 2016. Fans won’t have to wait until a record is done to hear new music because Cassity is planning a special release soon.

Her father’s final wish was for her to record a song she co-wrote called “STING” to be played at his celebration of life. He was given weeks to live when he asked her for this precious gift. Hope called up her Producers Jason Schmidt (FGL, Lindsey Ell) and Rory Rositas (Omni Sound Studios/Nashville) and they helped her put together a team to hurry and record the “find a box of tissues because it’s that powerful” ballad that had somehow predicted the circumstances surrounding her father's illness. The song was written three years prior at The Pensacola Songwriters Festival, with two mega hitmakers, Jim McBride (Alan Jackson, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash) & Jerry Salley (Chris Stapleton, Steel Drivers, Reba McEntire). Over time the song would become her Dad's favorite and eventually become their true story. She captured the recording session on video for her Dad because he was too ill to be in the studio, but she was able to share the session with her Mom and Dad via SKYPE. Cassity watched the first unedited version of the video with her Dad in his hospice room while fighting back tears. He told her how proud he was of her, and she held his hand. They both had a sinking feeling this would be the last time they listened to the song together. A few days later after his very long battle, her father passed away in their family home with his family and two dogs. He never got to see the final version of the video that would include his voice over the phone telling Hope that "STING" would be her #1 hit.

Cassity looks forward to hearing how fans will react to "STING" and the more "heart on the sleeve" approach that she continues to pour out musically. She found a new sound that's uniquely hers. Currently, she works on new projects in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nashville, including the one in Phoenix that is sure to garner her attention from a whole new kind of music lover. Hope Cassity continues to build her charity songwriting event (TIPS 4 OUR TOWN) to give back to communities in Alabama and has been featured in numerous publications for her work raising over $20,000 for charities in her home state. She has a jam packed year ahead as she plans to also record in Nashville to release a country project with Jason Schmidt and Rory Rositas at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville.  


Hope Cassity chooses not to be defined by Multiple Sclerosis. Defying the odds most days, she bends the rules of what a person with “MS” should be capable of doing. Still, many episodes come and leave her with new limitations that can be frustrating. Cassity chooses to keep a positive attitude pushing forward despite those hurdles. She devotes her spare time to educating others about MS. The remarkable combination of her story and her music give healing and strength to others who suffer from all types of chronic illness. The power that is behind her extraordinary ability to connect with an audience is not in what she helps them learn, but in what she enables them to feel. She intricately weaves together the emotional details of her life and her battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Sharing the stories behind the songs helps the listener understand how Cassity uses music to cope with such an unpredictable and incurable disease. Other speakers “teach” while Cassity shares. She opens up about her sisters life changing accident and addiction, and the loss of her father, and how she handled the grief and stress of everyday life while suffering from chronic illness. Cassity wears her heart on her sleeve in this intimate and powerful conversation with her audience. She engages and inspires. Her words bring hope to listeners from all walks of life regardless of age.  

Cassity is an award winning songwriter from Monroeville, Alabama (home of Harper Lee/Truman Capote) and an emerging Nashville  singer-songwriter. Overcoming the odds, Cassity turned obstacles into better opportunities becoming the first in her family to graduate from college while growing her business as an independent singer/songwriter. She proves that adversity can be a tool for success. She became a top USA Today scholar and graduated from Texas A & M with a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Psychology with highest honors. Her work on the “Mozart Effect and Spatial Intelligence” has been published in the Journal of Industrial Psychology. Cassity has successfully released two independent albums and is gaining momentum in her songwriting career and set to release her third this year. Most recently, she recorded with Grammy award winners who have supported acts such as Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood. Cassity has six songwriter cuts to her credit with two of them being single releases. Cassity recently performed in front of her largest crowd to date, with close to 30,000 in attendance at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. She is a sought after entertainer/performer and emcee and has been the keynote speaker several times for The National MS Society, graduation and honors events at Texas A&M, Calhoun Community College, Alabama Southern Community College, Kiwanis Club, and the list goes on. If you would like more info or would like to book Hope Cassity at your event please contact