Can you hear me now?

So alot has happened in the past year...heartaches, heartbreaks, love, and loss. I've been a little lost ...especially after losing Dad in December. I have to admit I was ready to walk away from music for a while and possibly for good. I struggled daily with "what's the point who is listening anyway" ? It wasn't that I lost my passion at all. It was simply that I hadn't felt "HEARD" in a long time. I've played every kind of show you can imagine...and I had spent so many years touring relentlessly ...pouring my heart out on any stage I could find....exhausting myself most times from traveling so much. I've played to crowds who were so drunk they probably don't remember ever hearing me let alone what songs I sang....I've played to some who hung on every lyric....and where it's so dang quiet you could hear a pin drop in the room. But I think ...I just hadn't felt that I had released anything lately that deeply connected  with my audience. I felt like there had been some disconnect between me and my listeners....partly because I was figuring out Nashville and partly bc I was figuring out more about myself creatively...and partly bc I was struggling inside with watching my Dad disappear before me.  I wasn't sure if anything I was doing "made sense" to the listener. I felt uneasy. Unsettled. I wrote in so many different styles and genres..and without much direction I pushed forward full steam ahead ....until December. Then I stepped away for many reasons. Some obvious some not. I guess I'm writing this because the step away ...helped. Even though I had to force myself to release STING on father's day....It was the best thing I could have done. It hasn't gone #1 Diddy predicted....but what it did do was save me from giving up on music. After the release of the single....I got tons of emails and messages about STING and how much it touched people's hearts. At a time when I doubted if anyone really "heard" me guys showed up...and let me know you get hear me.......You shared the video with your friends, You downloaded the Song (thank you so much ) . You promoted my website and download links...and you all helped me connect with new fans!!! But most important of shared your own personal stories with me about losing a loved one. The more emails I read...the closer I felt to ya'll ....and I knew that I was connecting again on a deeper level than I ever had before. I kinda figured out that finally ....I was being heard and was learning from you guys at the same time.....  And not only that...but I knew at that point....that I had ALOT more to say...musically. I just want you all to know that I have loved connecting with my fans because of STING and getting to know ya'll more. It's a beautiful thing to share ...this music thing. Thank you for sharing and letting me share. I'm so thrilled to be back at it again! 

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